5 Shoes Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

    Aside diamonds, I’m quite sure shoes are a woman’s next best friend. With seemingly endless options every fashion season, it’s hard to say no to newer pairs. If you’re looking to make a long term investment in your shoe closet, here’s an easy guide to help you streamline.

    Black Pumps

    Photo Credit: www.rupertsandanderson (2)

    Photo Credit: www.rupertsandanderson

    A basic black is the ultimate go-to, they pull together any outfit, making for sophistication.

    Ballet Flats

    Photo Credit:  www.fashionxtrends

    Photo Credit: www.fashionxtrends

    They’re standard run-around shoes, and a wardrobe staple, a simple black or a bright color when it comes to flats is your best option for a dress down day.

    Animal Print Heels

    Photo Credit: www.kenyabuzz

    Photo Credit: www.kenyabuzz

    Whether snakeskin or leopard heels, animal skin adds alluring style to your look.


    Photo Credit: cowib.org

    Photo Credit: cowib.org

    A fashionable sneaker is the perfect weekend shoe, pair it with jeans or dresses and you’re good to go.

    Flat Sandals

    Photo Credit: intheircloset

    Photo Credit: intheircloset

    They are your favorite shoes as they can be paired with everything from shorts to dresses.

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