It’s High Time We Started Telling Our Own Stories- dijiaderoGBA

It’s High Time We Started Telling Our Own Stories- dijiaderoGBA

Campus Connect sat down with the talented dijiaderoGBA. A Nigerian film maker who is passionate about telling the stories of the african people through movies and short films. He has two short films released so far and is working on several more.

So, dijiaderoGBA, When did you start doing this?

dijiaderoGBA: I started film making since I was very young but never knew what it meant or entails till I grew up and went to film school, MAINFRAME FILM AND MEDIA INSTITUTE owned by Africa’s foremost film maker, Tunde Kelani. It was there I learnt what film making is and how to go about telling stories via film and not just stories but good stories.

How did you develop the interest?

dijiaderoGBA : Like I said, film making has always been my first love since I was young. I have always loved to tell stories via people acting it out according to how I want them to. When I was in primary school, I would call some of my friends together, tell them to act to my story and offer the best actor my food. Since then, I have always wanted to be a director and film maker. Also, while growing up, I was familiar with culture and beliefs of my people and that was one of the reasons I insisted on telling my stories via visuals. I grew up watching films from Tunde Kelani too, interest came in during those days.

Which other film makers inspire you?

dijiaderoGBA : I like to watch Kunle Afolayan too. Basically, I love these two because they tell the type of stories I’m interested in.

“TO BE A CHILD AGAIN”, is your second film, Yes?

dijiaderoGBA : Yes. “TO BE A CHILD AGAIN” is my second film. I released my first film “VICTIM” last year October. A film that tells the story of a young lady that went through domestic violence and abuse in her relationship from her partner. My purpose was to create domestic violence awareness and today, I thank God for what he’s done via the film. Also, my new film has been doing so well and I’m grateful.

In the film, you tried to capture the diverse lives of the poor Nigerian child and the rich Nigerian child, What inspired you to make that movie?

dijiaderoGBA : God and a friend, Tunde Alimi. I was with a friend and he mention something about a child and it struck me. I ignored it for weeks before I finally decided to do something on it. So many kids are out there, roaming about and out of school because of social class differences. My main purpose was to tell a story without dialogue and let the audience see themselves in the film. Glory to God, it happened!

How do you choose your team: Actors and other crew members?

dijiaderoGBA : Well, my friends made up my team. I don’t have money to hire A-list actors or crew members but I have friends that are passionate about what I do and I’m grateful. As we move on, we will keep growing.

What’s harder: Getting started or being able to keep going?

dijiaderoGBA : Haha. honestly, the two. When you want to start, you have to do so much to create a niche for yourself because the industry is crowded. Also, when you have to keep going? You have to do so much to always beat your previous works. For instance, I’m so keen and working hard to make a better film than my last film. Both in story and production level.

What is the one mistake, in your opinion that most Nigerian film makers make?

dijiaderoGBA : Since it’s a work of art, I won’t call it a mistake because we have so many ways we like and wish to tell our stories. But, as a Nigerian film maker? I believe it’s high time we started telling our own stories because whether we like it or not, we are the best to tell these stories. One thing I know is, the industry is growing and I’m so ready for the change my generation is bringing to the industry. Talk about storytelling, production and other aspects of film making, we have grown.

How do you know when your story is finished, when to walk away?

dijiaderoGBA : No story is perfect! Sometimes, it’s when we are done that we wish to add or take away some from the story but when you write a story and read many times, you will definitely know when to stop and not stop.

What are your biggest challenges in this industry?

dijiaderoGBA : Money! haha. I don’t see anyone or people’s works as challenges. I want money to produce more films and tell stories.

What is your end goal with this?

dijiaderoGBA : By God’s grace, be known for good and impactful works. Nothing more.

If not film making, then what?

dijiaderoGBA : I’m a good cricket player and a footballer. Wait, I might be a food taster. Haha.

What would you say to the young Nigerian who only has his/her camera phone and a passion for film making and photography?

dijiaderoGBA : Tell that story however you want it to be told, don’t wait for a perfect time because the time is now.