by Chinedu Jamilah Omotayo

Our political leaders have shown since time immemorial that they do not care about the masses.  Their behaviours, attitudes, character and disposition attest to this. They do not care about the civil servants, pensioners, school children, let alone some “lazy youths”. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they have allowed the current ASUU strike to continue for the past 2 months. But let no one be mistaken by assuming that the academic staff union of universities are fighting for any reason other than for the selfish interest of a few shot callers of the union.

Let us not for a second believe that these professors care about the quality of education in Nigeria or about the welfare of the average Nigerian student. Let us not forget that the academic staff union of universities are made up of corrupt, perverted and looting lecturers. Many of you reading this have passed through the system and have become witnesses.

We are talking about academics who take pride in the fact that many students fail their courses. We are talking about lecturers who come into auditoriums to tell you that students from the class of 2012 are still writing his course. The professor who tells you at the beginning of the semester that only 15% of you will pass his course. The lecturer who states that “A is for God, B is for him and C is for the best of you”. And the hypocritical part of all this is that most of these professors got their masters and PhDs abroad, where professors encourage you to pass.

In civilized societies, when a professor records too many failures, he is called to book. In our jungle, Nigeria, if too many people passed a particular course then they must have cheated, so the papers will have to be remarked and scores brought down. Our academic sector is set up for you to fail. You dare not question, oppose or challenge your professor’s view no matter how outdated, because you may not graduate after that. 


ASUU claims to be fighting injustice, while they harbour and protect some of the biggest perpetrators of injustice. What kind of scholar fails a student for not buying a handout? How do you justify a lecturer keeping a list of students who paid ridiculous amounts for a handout and failing the ones who didn’t buy it? The average Nigerian lecturer is a bully and a predator looking to take advantage of poor and desperate students. It is bad enough that most students do not even know their rights, but how do you begin to fight for your rights when the few brave ones who have fought were punished? And the committees set up to protect you are filled with the same corrupt professors you are fighting? 

Prof. Richard Akindele is paying the price for his disgusting actions but there are 1001 more like him in public universities harassing and threatening young girls with failure in order to sleep with them, who is going to expose them? The Nigerian tertiary institution is set up for you to fail. ASUU is made up of a bunch of crooks and looters. Majority of them have their children studying abroad or in private universities in Nigeria. Nigerian students need to stand up together, in defense and protection of one another, because as the great Michael Jackson aptly put it, they don’t really care about us.



Chinedu Jamilah Omotayo

A Nigerian Student